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Code of Conduct against Corruption

By decision of the state government of 16/12/2008, a directive on the prevention of corruption and fight against corruption was adopted in the state administration (LReg. - Anti-Corruption Directive). The Anti-Corruption Directive* came into force on 01/01/2009. A new version was implemented on 1/4/2014. 

Directive LReg. of 1.4.2014 (Nds MBI No. 16/2014 p. 330) MI-11.31-03019/ 

Reference: Directive of 16/12/2008 (NDS MBI 2009 p. 66) - VORIS 20480 – 

The Anti-Corruption Directive contains provisions designed to effectively prevent corruption and to detect and prosecute corrupt practices. It serves as a guideline for all employees and at the same time offers instructions for action and assistance for necessary measures to prevent and combat corruption. 

For the employees of the Studentenwerk Göttingen, a code of conduct with guidelines was developed on the basis of the anti-corruption directive passed by the state government. As a guide to practice, it should help to do the right thing in risk situations. Compliance with the contents of the Code of Conduct is mandatory for all employees. Any violations of one or more of the Code of Conduct Guidelines may result in civil, employment and criminal penalties. 

On 03/07/2009, the Executive Board of the Studentenwerk Göttingen decided in its meeting to implement the Code of Conduct against Corruption. Corruption harms everyone! 

  • Corruption damages the reputation of the Studentenwerk and its employees!
  • Corruption is not a trivial offense; it leads directly to criminal liability!
  • Corruption starts with small favours!
  • Corruption makes you dependent!
  • Corruption gets you unemployed! 

* The full text of the law is available from the Anticorruption Commissioner if needed.


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