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Studierendenwerk Göttingen offers you the opportunity to automatically to charge up your student or staff, university or guest card when you pay. In this so-called AutoLoad procedure, you give us a SEPA direct debit mandate to collect the charged-up amounts from your checking account. 

Unlock AutoLoad

To use the AutoLoad procedure, you need to register once. The registration is done by our employees at the following locations:

For registration you need next to your ID card (chip card) only your personal identity card (passport) and your bank card, from which the bank account (IBAN and BIC) is read. Of course, these data are needed only for the payment. When registering, our employees will provide you with a declaration of consent to collect and process your data for signature and provide you with a leaflet on Article 13 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

When registering, you will set a minimum amount and a recharging amount. After registering, the cash register system or the employees at the cash desks will offer you an immediate recharging at direct debit if the minimum amount is not met. If you agree to recharging, you will receive a receipt of the recharged amount, if you refuse, the cashier process will continue.

You can revoke your SEPA direct debit mandate at any time. Please contact our staff at the Info box or send us a written statement. If the chip card is lost, the card must be blocked. You can reach the competent emergency and fault reporting center of the University of Göttingen at 0551 / 39-1171 around the clock. Please also note the overleaf printed General terms and conditions for the use of the electronic purse for cashless payment (German only).

Internet portal

The Internet portal allows you to view your loading and payment processes, change your password, minimum and top-up charges, disable the AutoLoad feature, and lock your card (chip card) if lost.

To gain access to the Internet portal, you must first unlock it. You do this with the data obtained when registering for the AutoLoad procedure. Please change the password when visiting the portal for the first time.

FAQ: How does the AutoLoad work?

What is AutoLoad anyway?

AutoLoad is a procedure for the automatic recharging of the credit of your chip card at the cash registers of the Studierendenwerk Göttingen. To do this, you give the Studentenwerk Göttingen a SEPA direct debit mandate to debit the recharging amounts from your checking account.

How does AutoLoad work? 

You register once, and you set a minimum amount and a recharging amount. After registration, the cash register system offers you an immediate recharging of the card by direct debit if the minimum amount is not met. If you agree to recharging, you will receive a receipt of the recharged amount.

Where can I register for AutoLoad? 

The registration will be done by the team of the Infobox in the foyer of the Zentralmensa. Opening hours are from Mondays to Fridays 11:00 a.m. to 03:30 p.m. 

What do I need to register?

All you need is your chip card (student, employee, university or guest card) as well as your bank card and ID.

What happens if I lose my chip card?

You must have your card blocked immediately. This is possible around the clock at the error reporting centre of the University of Göttingen at 0551- 39 11 71. This will disable the AutoLoad procedure immediately and you will not be able to make payments with your card.

Can I revoke the procedure?

You can revoke the SEPA direct debit mandate at any time at our employees at the Infobox and at the Servicebüro Nord or in writing. 

Can I change the data later?

Yes, you can change the recharge and minimum balance via the internet portal or at the Info box and Servicebüro Nord. Please bring your chipcard with you.

Infobox foyer central canteen

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4
Foyer of Zentralmensa
37073 Göttingen

Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 174

  • Issuance of Mensa vouchers, MensaKidsCards
  • taking care of questions/problems with paying by student ID, employee ID, university ID

Opening hours

Mon - Thurs: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.