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Kinderkrippe am Wall

  • 28 children
  • 8 teachers
  • 2 nursery groups of 14 children (about 1 year until the age of 3)

Free movement concept

Especially for commuters, the nursery is suitable for combining family and work due to its very central location. It impresses with the charm of a two-family house, where you immediately feel at home.

Movement is an essential characteristic of communicative behaviour in the life of the young child. For young children to actively participate in their daily lives, communicate without verbal language and, thus, be involved in participation, it is crucial to enable non-verbal communication. This shows itself at the nursery age of children especially by the urge to move. We have developed a free movement concept for the nursery am Wall - it does not restrict the children in their urge to move and, thus, allows them to participate in their day and allows movement as a central everyday feature.

Virtual walkthrough


Ms Josephyn Wissel
Tel.: 0551 - 49 21 21 86

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7.30 am - 4.30 pm