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Kita Theodor-Heuss-Straße

  • 95 children
  • 25 teachers (teachers, special education staff, socio-pedagogical assistants, nannies, vocational recognition intern, manager and housekeeper)
  • Five groups:
    2 integrative kindergarten groups (3 years to elementary school),
    2 cross-age groups (from 2.5 years to elementary school),
    1 nursery group (about 1 year until the age of 3)
  • Each integrative kindergarten group is attended by 17 children, each cross-age group has 21 children and the integrative nursery group has 12 children.

The day care centre in Theodor-Heuss-Straße works integrative-inclusive and has a partially open concept. Integrative-inclusive means that even children with special educational needs can be admitted to the nursery and the kindergarten. We have special education teachers and the corresponding spatial possibilities and equipment are available. The partially open concept allows the children a large participative learning and experience space. Each child has his/her home group, in which he/she can arrive in the morning and, thus, has his/her reference teachers. However, each child is free to choose what they want to participate in during the day. This strongly depends on the interests of the child and, thus, supports positive learning success through intrinsic motivation. So, the children can choose between sports activities, hiking day, musical or creative offers in the studio with art educators, work in the wood workshop or a visit to the library and much more. Further focal points of the institution are intercultural and language pedagogical work.

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Ms Sündermann
Tel.: 0551 - 38 12 845

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7.30 a. m. - 04.30 p. m.