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Cashless payment with identification, by EC card, Apple Pay or Google Pay

Students, staff and external guests only pay cashless in all Student Union facilities.

It is best for students and staff to use their student ID, employee ID card or university ID card for quick payment transactions. These chip cards can be upgraded using EC cards and all common credit cards (Mastercard, Visacard, UnioPay, JCB, Diners Club/Discover, Maestro, Visa Electron, VPAY, Girocard). The ID cards contain an electronic wallet that cardholders can upgrade at the card reloaders. When you check out, the card is placed on the card reader and the amount is debited from the card. If the card credit is used up, the card will be revalued again.

Other payment options are available via EC card, credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay, if payment is to be made using ID, e.g. B. may not be possible due to a lack of top-up credit.
An important note on this: Students and staff place their ID on the reader at the same time so that the correct price is charged.

Another option is the AutoLoad procedure, where you can issue us a SEPA direct debit mandate to collect the amounts charged from your checking account and conveniently charge your card with credit as you pay.

Since the Studentenwerk and the university run the purse together, you can, of course, also pay with cards that have been upgraded in the dining facilities of the university hospital.

Important: By resolution of the Presidium, since April 2009 the reduced employee prices in the canteens are only granted on payment with the employee card and university card (as chip card).

The guest pass

Guests of the Studentenwerk Göttingen have to purchase a guest pass for cashless payments at the Infobox of the Zentralmensa. When applying for the guest pass, the identity card must be presented.

Students who are enrolled, but do not yet have a student ID, also have the opportunity to purchase a guest card. Again, the identity card must be presented. Students with a guest card will only be charged the student price at the cash registers of our CampusGastronomy facilities upon presentation of the valid matriculation certificate.

Questions or problems?

If you have any questions or problems when paying with the student, employee or university card, please contact our Info box in the Zentralmensa. For guests in the northern area, the service office Nord, which is located in Nordmensa, will help. You can also tell us your questions and suggestions via the contact form in the right-hand side area.

FAQ for payment with the card, EC Card, Credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay

Why cannot all bank cards be used at the EC chargers?

Since spring / summer 2021, our previous top-ups have been successively exchanged for modern devices that accept all EC cards and the most common credit cards. There are only a few "old" devices left where the chip on the EC card is not accepted, and these devices cannot process credit cards. As of 11/10/21, these are the EC top-ups in the ZHG as well as in the KWZ / Café Cult and - during a renovation phase of an entrance area - in the central cafeteria in the east stairwell.

How can I pay with my student card, employee card or university card?

The student, employee or university card is an electronic purse. On this purse, credit can be uploaded on the card at the placed card chargers. At the cash register or billing unit you simply place the student, employee or university card for payment on the card reader and the amount to be paid is debited from the credit.

How can I check the credit of my student, employee or university card?

To check the credit on the student, staff or university card, put the corresponding chip card on the card reader of the card charger or another billing system.

What do I have to do if my student, employee or university card is broken?

Report to the Info box in the central canteen of the Studentenwerk. There, an attempt is made to read out the corresponding chip card or to determine the card balance in order to transfer it to a new student, employee or university card. 

What do I have to do if I lose my student, employee or university card?

You must report the card loss immediately to the card office of your university and the Studentenwerk to have the respective card blocked. The easiest way to do this is through the university's messaging centre at (0551) 39 11 71. There you give your name, matriculation number and date of birth and your card will be blocked. The card office of the university will issue you a replacement card.

Will I be refunded the remaining balance of my lost student, employee or university card?

The Studentenwerk determines the remaining balance the day after the loss of your ID. However, you have to expect that the Finder has already devalued (consumed) part of the credit until the ID has been blocked. If a remaining balance is determined, the Studentenwerk will transfer the credit to the new student, employee or university card.

What do I have to do if my student, employee or university card is not read at checkout?

In most cases, you have taken the study, staff, or university card too early from the card charger, and the revaluation process could not be completed correctly. In this case, you have to put the respective card again on the card reader of the card charger, where you wanted to reload it beforehand. The device recognises the respective card and completes the process correctly.

What is to do if the credit on my student, staff or university card is insufficient?

Upgrade the student, staff or university card at the EC chargers.

What do I have to do if the validity of my student ID has expired and the chip card has been recoded into the "Guest" category when charged?

Extend the validity of your student ID. Students of the University extend their validity at the SB-Terminal of the card point of the University in the ZHG. The prerequisite for this is that you have returned, and the semester fees have been paid. Then place your student ID on the card reader of the card charger and revalue the student ID. The student ID is again assigned to the original price category.

Can I transfer the balance of my student, staff or university card to my account?

No, the student, employee or university card is required to determine the remaining credit balance. Anyway, you have to go to the Info box and present the corresponding ID. The remaining balance will then be paid to you.

Can I withdraw the card balance?

The credit balance on the student, employee, university ID card or guest pass can be transfer to the cardholder at the Info box in the central canteen.

Can I pay in cash or in other means of payment?

Only cashless payment is possible, with student, employee or guest card or EC Card, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay. Please check your credit balance before visiting the canteen/cafeteria and upgrade it if necessary.
Charge up only with EC card or credit card. These top-ups issue guest cards: Zentralmensa Foyer, Café Central, Mensa am Turm, Lunchbox and from 10.11.21 also HAWK Café and HAWK Bistro as well as Café Physik (CaPhy).

Infobox foyer central canteen

Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4
Foyer of Zentralmensa
37073 Göttingen

Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 174

  • Issuance of Mensa vouchers, MensaKidsCards
  • taking care of questions/problems with paying by student ID, employee ID, university ID

Opening hours

Mon - Thurs: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Fri: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.