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Tips for finding a room

Demand for housing is high, especially before the semester starts in the months of March and August/September. We, therefore, recommend that you look for a (shared) room early on. Flexibility in terms of rental start increases your chances of finding a place to live.

For your search in the private housing market, you should allow enough time, because landlords often want to get to know their future tenants personally. A stay in Göttingen should, therefore, be planned for your room search.

Residential offers in newspapers

Here, you can find residential offers: 

  • Göttinger Tageblatt 
    Daily; on Saturdays with a large real estate section; available at kiosks, gas stations and in the newspaper trade.
  • Blick 
    On Wednesdays; is distributed free of charge to the Göttingen households; Also available at the office of the Göttinger Tageblatt, Weender Straße 44 (Pressehaus Tonollo), Göttingen city centre
  • Extra-Tip 
    On Sundays; small real estate part; is distributed free of charge to the Göttingen households; available at the office Prinzenstraße 10-15, 37075 Göttingen
Private residences of other institutions

In addition to the houses managed by the Studentenwerk Göttingen, there are also dormitories and other institutions where you can look for a room. Inform yourself about this possibility here

Short-term stays

 Information about temporary accommodation can be found here

Notice Boards

Here you will also find housing offers:

  • Announcement boards 
    In the foyer of the Studentenwerk, in the "Blauer Turm" (multi-purpose building of the University of Göttingen), in the institutes and in many other areas of the university, there are "announcement boards" where small pieces of paper with private rental offers are placed.

  • Commercial property management  
    Please get an overview in our service office Studentisches Wohnen (student housing) or on the Internet.
Wohnberechtigungsschein (residence permit) for the city of Göttingen

At the city of Göttingen, you can apply for a residence permit, with which you can rent an apartment, which was subsidised by public funds. Whether you could get a qualifying license depends on the amount of your income. Several persons wishing to start a WG (several people sharing a flat) can also apply together for a residence permit.Several people with a residence permit who want to rent an apartment together, cannot "bundle" the residence permits. The housing associations would refer the applicants to the city and ask them to apply together for a residence permit.BAföG recipients can also apply for a residence permit.

BAföG is credited in half as income. The BAföG share granted as a loan remains free of charge.

In addition, you can also put yourself on the list of flat seekers at the city of Göttingen.

Traffic-technically easily accessible districts

These city districts are well connected

  • Geismar
  • Grone
  • Weende  
  • Elliehausen
  • Groß Ellershausen
  • Herberhausen
  • Hetjershausen
  • Holtensen
  • Nikolausberg
  • Roringen

and the nearby villages 

  • Rosdorf and
  • Bovenden.  

Here you can use the bus semester ticket.  

Easily accessible villages by train and the railway semester ticket (term ticket of the train company) are:

  • Nörten-Hardenberg (8 min)
  • Lenglern-Bovenden (9 min)
  • Friedland (10 min)
  • Northeim (15 min) 
  • Adelebsen (20 min)
  • Einbeck-Salzderhelden (20 min)
  • Hedemünden (30 min)
  • Eschwege (40 min)
  • Hann. Münden (40 min)
  • Alfeld (40 min)
  • Herzberg (40 min)

Service office

Servicebüro Studentisches Wohnen
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 4
Entrance 4b, level 0
37073 Göttingen

Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 135