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Kita am Nordcampus

  • 55 children
  • 16 teachers
  • 3 groups:
  • 2 nursery groups (about 1 year until the age of 3)
  • 1 kindergarten group (from 3 years to elementary school)
  • Each nursery group is attended by 15 children, the kindergarten group by 25 children
  • includes 22 places for children of university students or staff (12 places in the nursery, 10 places in the kindergarten). The occupancy of these places is done by the university and is not tied to the place of residence in the urban area Göttingen. For information on the assignment procedure of the places for children of the university students or staff, please contact the university's family service.

"Consultation Day Care Centre Bilingualism and Language" and cooperation with the Georg-August University

A special feature of the day care centre am Nordcampus is the bilingualism in English/ German, which is taught according to the immersion principle. This means that in each group, an educator speaks English throughout the day with children, parents and other educators. The principle is "one person - one language". This has the advantage that the children learn the second language in a similar way as they learn their native language. This does not confuse the children because the language is tied to a person. The other teachers of the group speak German. It is not decisive for language learning of the second language, whether the first language is already perfect, the child will not experience any disadvantage. The parents do not have to speak the second language. Since the learning of the second language is not like teaching, you do not have to practice at home. The learning happens naturally in everyday life. You'll be surprised how quickly your child will communicate in the "new" language.

In addition, the day care centre am Nordcampus acts as a consultation day care centre in the areas of bilingualism and language and, thus acts as a mentor for other institutions with these main focuses. The day care centre was appointed as a consultation day care centre by the Ministry of Culture. This is a predicate for particularly valuable pedagogical implementation.

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Ms Spiggelkötter
Tel.: 0551 - 39 35 030

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7.30 a. m. - 04.30 p. m.